What are Real World Driving Emissions (RDE)?
Who runs the RDE tests?
What is the procedure for running the tests?
What type of environments are the vehicles tested in?
When will RDE be implemented?
What is TA Code?
What is Propulsion Type?
What is Config of Cyl. Block?
What is Aspirat charger?
What is EGR type?
What is PMRH?
What is PMRL?
What is Ts test share?
What is Deviation of max eng volume?

Real-world driving emissions (RDE) test results, as determined in accordance with regulation EC 2017/1151 (as subsequently corrected and amended) can be accessed, free of charge, at:

The RDE monitoring data, collected in accordance with regulation EC 692/2008 (as subsequently amended) can be accessed using the search tool above.

For any other RDE or WLTP emissions-related queries, please contact us at: